2 Essential Traits That Single Black...

By meldadmin | Jun 07, 2015
Researchers agree that a happy, healthy, long-lasting relationship boils down to two main traits: kindness and generosity. These two simple things seem to be the consistent factors across all kinds of happy couples. Seriously this research is everywhere- like [...]

Single Black Professional Online Dating 101: 5...

By meldadmin | May 17, 2015
Does online dating really work? If you’re asking this question, you’re thinking like many black professionals who have avoided the online dating scene because you don’t think it can help you find the high-quality people who are serious about relationships. However, if you only think about online dating this way, you’re missing the point. Online d [...]

70 Things That Single Black Professionals Can Do...

By meldadmin | Apr 06, 2015
It’s so crazy that people want to retire by the age of 30 but then when you ask them what they plan to do with their time they don’t know. So I created this list of 70 things to do on your day off to just help you start brainstorming and create an amazing day. The purpose of the activity you choose is important—one activity may mean two different thi [...]

Why “I need YOU” means so much more than “I love ...

By meldadmin | Mar 10, 2015
Despite the recent surge in conversations about vulnerability, we still live in an age of uber-independence. We celebrate those who seem to have reached success by lifting themselves up by their bootstraps; despite that the fact that those same people would happily acknowledge all the people who helped along the way. And we shy away from moments of [...]

12 San Francisco Date Ideas in March

By meldadmin | Mar 03, 2015
Planning date ideas can be cumbersome for single black professionals who are constantly busy. If you are in San Francisco this March and are looking for date ideas, we have you covered. Check out our list of 12 San Francisco date ideas this March. [...]

Civil Rights Couples - Love Endures

By meldadmin | Feb 16, 2015
February is the month when we celebrate love and most importantly, we honor exceptional and pioneering Americans as part of Black History Month. This year, MELD is highlighting 4 couples of the Civil Rights era out of many couples that inspire us.  Their love, perseverance, and courage serve as a reminder that strong relationships are instrumental for [...]

In 2015, Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 5...

By meldadmin | Jan 28, 2015
We don't claim to be nutritionists but we have done our research! If your sex life has been on the downward trend lately, we have a few food secrets to help you really charge up your libido and enhance your sex life. If you are already content in that department, then these food items will amp up your game and generally lead to a better health. We know [...]

Is The Morris Chestnut Syndrome Ruining Your Love...

By meldadmin | Jan 11, 2015
"Oooooh, girl, he’s so fine! Lord, can you make mine like this?!" This was the way my single girlfriends and I talked to each other after watching a movie with Morris Chestnut in it. Back then, you couldn’t watch a Black chick flick without seeing the tall, dark and handsome Chestnut playing some smooth, suave (and sometimes bad) man who swept the lea [...]

KEEP CALM and Finish 2014 Off Right!

By meldadmin | Dec 23, 2014
It seems just like yesterday when it was January and many single black professionals laid out our 2014 plans. Here we are, almost at the end of 2014, and you might be dismayed because some of your plans didn’t materialize. In fact your stress levels might be higher, and you might be disappointed in yourself for failing to achieve it all. To top it off, t [...]

How to Enjoy The Holidays When You Are Single

By meldadmin | Dec 07, 2014
Here it comes, the holiday season is heading towards us like a tidal wave. A lot of people look at the end of each year as one giant period of parties, eating, and holiday celebrations. It seems that Halloween decorations are gone for a day and then the Christmas season is initiated. If you are single this holiday season, and spending it without a [...]