How to Enjoy The Holidays When You Are Single

How to Enjoy The Holidays When You Are Single

Here it comes, the holiday season is heading towards us like a tidal wave. A lot of people look at the end of each year as one giant period of parties, eating, and holiday celebrations. It seems that Halloween decorations are gone for a day and then the Christmas season is initiated.

If you are single this holiday season, and spending it without a partner it can feel like the ultimate “insult added to injury.” Everywhere you look it is all about people being together.

Little wonder that we struggle a bit when we enter the season as a singleton. However, we have some great tips for coping with the stresses of being single (when you want a relationship) during the holiday season.

  1. Gather your own group – Get your other single friends together (people of all ages) and do something special. Make a potluck, go for a walk, volunteer at a soup kitchen…there are so many things you can do in a group of friends that will really empower you and show you that your life is totally in your hands and indeed very full.
  2. Embrace the freedom – Turn things around and put yourself in the shoes of that friend you envy. He or she has it all, right? They have a partner, lots of plans, and no worries about being alone. They might also be upset because they have to head to their partner’s family home rather than their own. They may want to go out for a walk and enjoy the day while they actually get stuck indoors. Even if they are able to do what they want on that one day, there is likely to be pressure and obligations related to their partner and his or her life. This is a lot of juggling, compromise and cause for turmoil. You? That’s right…you get to do whatever it is that you want!
  3. Try an alternative menu – So, you are single during the holidays without any options for a family meal or a meal with your partner. Maybe your friends all have plans and you have not been invited. Now what? Why not make some of those recipes you haven’t dare to make before. The richer the better, the more challenging the better, the bigger mess in the kitchen…okay, not better. Just dive into the amazing array of food choices showing up in markets and make it all about fun, experimentation, and food. Blog about it, bring delicious leftovers to work to share with people, and recognize that you made the most out of a rare opportunity to spend time in the kitchen. Also don’t forget that you can volunteer to make delicious meals for those who don’t have enough at many kitchens in your town.

There are lots of things to do when you are alone or single during the holidays. The most important is to know that lots of others are dealing with the same struggles. You can be creative with all of that free time, and you can make it a day to do whatever it is you have been wanting to do but haven’t had a chance.

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