6 Best Tricks To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Trending

Instagram Apr 4, 2022
6 Tricks To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Trending

Instagram reels lets its users consume the best engaging content within the platform. The launch of reels was to beat TikTok as Instagram works with organic content and marketing. Moreover, Reels alone can’t make your profile go viral, but trying stories can make your profile viral at a quick pace. Above all, you can try Instagram features like videos and IGTV to drive engagement. Next, try to create engaging Instagram stories to expand your views; after this, you can buy Instagram story views, which increases your reach.

Right now, coming back to the Instagram reels and its viral strategy. But, first, let us understand what everyone should use on Instagram reels.

Let us see all about Instagram reels!

Short Intro About Reels & Why Should You Use It?

Reels refers to the idea of creating short-format videos from 15 to 30 seconds. Also, you can start to go viral on your Instagram account in a quick time by using reels. First, create reels with engaging content and then try to post often.

Fun Fact: The Instagram algorithm offers higher visibility to every account for those who use reels.

6 Best Tricks To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Trending

Reels have been popular on Instagram for a few years right now. So it is becoming more challenging to create the best engaging reels to stand out among the competitors. Some brands also buy Instagram impressions to boost their reels video on Instagram. Anyways, don’t hold back from reels creation due to the competition on Instagram. We will offer you the best valuable tricks and tips to make reels videos and how to go viral on the platform.

1. Target On Particular Niche Or Topic

The best way to gain your Instagram reels followers and go viral on the platform is to recognize the best niche. Above all, try to post your Instagram reels on consistent schedules. On Instagram, the algorithm works on machine learning, which will feature your posts to your audiences. Also, the reels algorithm displays the content which your audience chooses to view. Hence, it is vital to pick a suitable niche before starting your Instagram reels.

2. Add An Eye-Grabbing Hook

There are several reels on Instagram, so your content should be engaging if you decide to go viral. To stand out among the crowd, include a personal touch that makes your reels unique and authentic. Always ensure that the first few seconds of your reels are a vital part of attracting attention. Hence, it is significant to create your reels the best from the beginning to the end.

3. Closed Caption Your Reels

The report says that more than 80% of Instagram users watch videos without sounds, be it stories or reels. So, it is best to add closed captions or text that can assist viewers in knowing the reels without audio. Hence, the text lets your reels followers with hearing ability understand your creation. Last, your reels content can get a higher chance of going trending among every Instagram user.

4. Compel With Best Call-To-Action

Always add a compelling call-to-action to motivate your followers to interact with reels. Hence, a compelling CTA is the best method to know your audience’s impressions and ideas. Also, you can make your content based on your audience’s choices. It doesn’t mean going away from your profile niche but mixing your audience preferences and niche.

5. Try Viral Trends

If you plan to go viral with your reels, try using the best reels content like the latest trends and filters. For instance, you can use trending songs or Instagram challenges. Also, it means keeping up to date with Instagram trends and looking at how your followers react to every trend. Note that your Instagram trends should be relevant to your niche or category.

6. Post Your Reels At Peak Times

Not every hour in a day is the best time to post. Yet, it is good to know the peak hour when a lot of your potential Instagram audience connects with your profile. Once you estimate the best days or times, then start to post your reels, where you can get more video views. Indeed, posting your reels at peak hours will generate higher engagement results.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, going viral on Instagram using reels is possible! But reels have fewer chances to make it go trending within the night. So, try to make an effective method to target creating engaging, eye-pulling content with the above tricks in this article.